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0.5KG and 1KG Static Retention of the spike(Euro cap)

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YangZhong Wealth Metal Co.,Ltd(WM-PACKING) produced euro cap more than 18 years, now our euro cap can meet different requirements for different international market.

-Euro cap is designed for I. V. bottles, providing a closure for Blow/Fill/Seal Operations.


Production Facility

The products are automatically injection molded and assembled in class 10,000 clean rooms.


A euro cap includes:

·A polyethylene outer cap

·A polyisoprene rubber disc/A Butyl Rubber disc

Static retention of the spike

ISO standard requirement:

      Prepare 10 plastic spikes which is meet ISO 8536 and degrease the spikes with acetone. taking one above bottle/bag, pierce the disc through manually in the target area, then hang the bottle/bag and load the spike with the 0.3 kg weight, keep for 4 hours.

  YangZhong Wealth's Euro cap : load the spike with the 0.5 kg or 1 kg weight, keep for 2 hours.


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