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50 ml infusion vial, clear, type II moulded glass

Nominal volume : 50 ml
Brimful volume : 68 ml
Type of glass: Moulded glass
Hydr. Class : Type II
Color: Clear
Type: ISO infusion vial
Diameter OD: 46 mm
Height: 68 mm
Closure S 32
Neck finish: Crimp neck S 32 mm
Weight:55 g
  • 50ml
  • Glass is the health authorities preferred choice for sensible drug products.
  • Our  molded bottles while preserving the intrinsic qualities of glass, improve your pharmaceutical product image, highly important for OTC and generics.
  • The manufacturing sites for pharmaceutical vials are certified ISO 15378.  staff is fully committed to respecting applicable GMP to ensure the highest sustainable quality for the pharmaceutical market.
  • Optional sterilized vials for clinical and stability batches
  • Wide selection of infusions bottles from 50 to 250ml
  • Wide selection of neck finishes 
  • Extremely low hydrolytic resistance improving IV solutions shelflife (pH Shift)
  • Type 1 and type 2 glass USP and EP compliant
  • Leading product of type 1 infusion bottle for blood derivative products拼图8
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