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High Efficiency Crucible(1040*1040*540)

高效坩埚/High Efficiency Crucible
高效坩埚的优点/Benefits of High Efficiency Crucible:
1.更窄的红区/Smaller red zone
底部最多可以减少28%的红区/Best reduced bottom red zone up to 28%
2.更长的平均少子寿命/Longer average lifetime of wafer
平均少子寿命增加20%/Average lifetime is increased by 20%
3.更高的硅锭合格率/Higher qualification of ingot
每个硅锭可以多产出数百到上千片/more qualified wafers up to thousand pieces.
4.更高的电池转换效率/Higher efficiency of cell
平均转换效率能提高0.3%/Average efficiency could be increased by 0.3%

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